Establishing an Affiliate

Step 1 -- Lay the Foundation

Select a nucleus of potential members. A strong, well-organized local organization begins with a strong nucleus or steering committee. Three to five interested individuals can be the key to starting off on sound footing. Merely use the leadership the FFA has developed in your area. (NOTE: Too many people in the nucleus could lessen the effectiveness.)

Step 2 -- Organize the Nucleus

Call an organizational meeting. Once the individuals for the steering committee are selected, call them together for an organizational meeting. At this meeting a framework should be established for which the local affiliate can be developed. Make use of the Michigan FFA Alumni c ouncil member in your area.

The agenda for this Steering Committee meeting may include:

  1. Discuss the purpose and benefits of a local affiliate.
  2. Review the procedure for chartering a local affiliate.
  3. Consider membership eligibility and the potential of the area.
  4. Determine who will serve as the acting chairman.
  5. Decide on the time, date, and place for the first general organizational meeting. The meeting should be within a month to a month and a half of the steering committee meeting. Consider refreshments for the meeting. Dinner, pie & coffee, etc.
  6. Make a list of potential members and divide up the responsibility for contacting each.
  7. Develop a tentative local constitution and bylaws prior to the organizational meeting.

Step 3 -- Make it known to potential members

Secure all publicity possible relative to your first meeting. Good publicity underscores the importance of the meeting and of the organization itself.

  1. Send a press release to local newspapers and radio stations. Ask them to announce the meeting and invite all eligible members to attend and join the organizational effort.
  2. The current FFA chapter members may want to hand write an invitation.
  3. Telephone contact by the steering committee to prospective members is strongly suggested.
  4. Personal contacts get the best results, so do as many as the committee possibly can.

Step 4 -- Conduct the organizational meeting

The idea of a local FFA Alumni affiliate must be sold to all in attendance in a well-planned meeting. Therefore, care should be taken to have an organized agenda.

  1. The temporary chairman and the committee should present the purposes of the meeting, explain purposes and objectives of a local affiliate, and discuss possible activities to help accomplish them. Use FFA Alumni promotional materials. These can be obtained from the Michigan FFA Alumni Association. You are encouraged to secure one of the state FFA Alumni council members to assist in the presentation of purposes and objectives.
  2. The temporary chairperson asks for a motion to form an affiliate.
  3. Following the motion to affiliate, the constitution and bylaws, as proposed by the steering committee should be adopted. Copies should be provided to everyone in attendance and each item discussed.
  4. Based on the structure of the bylaws, election of officers and council should be conducted. Affilates have the ability to send a non voting delegate to the State Alumni Council that meets quarterly in Lansing.
  5. Local dues should be established. National dues are $10 and state dues are currently $10. The option of National Life Membership, currently $150, should be discussed.
  6. The length of time from the first organizational meeting in which a potential member can be considered a charter member should be set. ( Most affiliates allow one month. The shorter the time, the better.) It is a good idea to promote this chartering period through the use of a press release to local newspapers and radio stations.
  7. Set the next meeting date for the local FFA Alumni council. The annual meeting of the local membership may be set at the next council meeting.
  8. Have all members pay dues immediately following the meeting. This way they can be assured of being chartered members.
  9. Complete the roster, an application for local charter, and send with a copy of the local affiliate's constitution, bylaws and list of officers to:
    Michigan FFA Alumni
    c/o Dr. David Krueger
    8678 State Road
    Haslett, MI 48840