Glassbrook Endowment

This year the Michigan FFA Foundation is excited to once again offer the Glassbrook Endowment Grant program.

Supported by the Michigan FFA Foundation

The agriculture and natural resources industry is the 2nd largest segment of Michigan's economy contributing over 37 billion dollars annually. As the state's 2nd largest employer, over 1 million citizens find jobs in the production, distribution and processing of food and agricultural products.

The Glassbrook Endowment seeks to provide every Michigan citizen a basic understanding of the food, fiber and natural resources segment of our economy. In addition to training youth for jobs, the endowment will enhance the academic preparation of every student by providing educational experiences related to leadership development, problem solving and decision making.

The Glassbrook Endowment will:

Provide for the development and implementation of educational experiences for K-12 students about the importance of agriculture and natural resources to the Michigan economy and way of life.

  • Develop a K-12 curriculum which will expose all students to the food and fiber industries
  • Provide agriculture and natural resources education pre-service and in-service programs for instructors and volunteers to enhance academic preparation of each student
  • Develop a vehicle for the industry to support classroom education through tours, guest speakers and related activities

Provide for career development

  • Create local models for career awareness experiences for K-12 students
  • Provide mentors, cooperative work experiences, job shadowing and career preparation with business and industry cooperation

Equip young people with leadership skills to meet industry and community needs.

  • Develop lessons for use in high school government and social studies classes about real life issues and decision making about agriculture and natural resources policy
  • Expand FFA program activities as a way to develop lifelong leadership skills
  • Provide access to FFA career and leadership development programs to 9-12 students

The programs outlined above will be delivered through a partnership involving business, state agencies, public universities and local school districts along with agriculture and natural resource related organizations. The FFA Foundation Board has raised more than one million dollars for the endowment. The FFA Foundation is an advisory fundraising group of Michigan State University and as such is eligible for all tax benefits for gifts under MSU guidelines. The State of Michigan and private donors and organizations have made initial funding possible.

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